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Peerguardian blocklist not updating

Your computer IP address then becomes ammunition for civil lawsuits, where you may be sued for copyright infringement. Their efforts will sometimes result in wholesale lawsuits, where hundreds of downloaders are charged thousands of dollars in copyright fines.Investigating poseurs comprise up to 3% of all P2P downloaders you may be sharing files with.So in case anybody needs this blocklist too there is a link below for downloading. For now I've deselected everything but bluetack/level-1. Which shell do you use (check where /bin/sh points to)?Blocklists included in "full-ascii-blocklist.p2p" bluetack_ads-trackers-and-bad-pr0n bluetack_bad-peers bluetack_bogon bluetack_dshield bluetack_edu bluetack_for-non-lan-computers bluetack_forum-spam bluetack_hijacked bluetack_iana-multicast bluetack_iana-private bluetack_iana-reserved bluetack_level1 bluetack_level2 bluetack_level3 bluetack_microsoft bluetack_proxy bluetack_range-test bluetack_spider bluetack_spyware bluetack_web-exploit bluetack_webexploit-forumspam cidr-report_bogon dchubad_faker dchubad_hacker dchubad_pedophiles dchubad_spammer peerblock_rapidshare spamhaus_drop Link for the "full-ascii-blocklist.p2p" https:// I'm using the default blocklists available through pgl-gui's "Config" tab. I checked pglcmd show_config and the IP_REMOVE field is blank. Test if it works if you force bash, edit /usr/bin/pglcmd and change the first line to: #!In a recently published paper, the researchers analyzed the results of a large scale experiment where they examined the number of hits they received from blocklisted IPs in a real P2P network.For a period of 90 days the researchers collected data using three differnet blocklists (Peer Guardian, Bluetack, and Trusty Files) on the Gnutella Network.In an effort to trap and prosecute people for abusing copyrighted movies and music, investigators often pose as P2P downloaders.While they themselves share and download copyrighted files, these "posers" also scan and log your IP (internet protocol) address.

The researchers also note that the top 15 most encountered IPs operate from so called BOGON IP ranges, which can’t be traced back to a specific owner.

However, it doesn’t say much about the accuracy and effectiveness of these blocklists.

In an attempt to find an answer, Torrent Freak asked an expert in the field, who worked with several anti-piracy organizations, how effective these lists are.

Only in Canada is P2P downloading tolerated legally, and even that umbrella of Canadian tolerance is likely to vanish soon.

I have experienced this problem with "no valid ASCII format" recently too " WARN: No valid ASCII blocklist format line: cat: write error: Broken pipe " As I have discovered this happens because of the many non-ASCII symbols like "¬ ® µ ¼ Ñ" and others that appears in blocklist files and that Peer Guardian cannot parse while constructing master blocklist.


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