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The Puma Soundchuck has a unique design, but that can't make up for its disappointing performance.Even if it can offer stereo sound when other portable speakers can't, the sound just isn't that good compared with the Bose Sound Link Mini or the UE Boom, and if you really want to save money you might be better off looking at the much more rugged and portable, solid-sounding Panasonic SC-NT10 Bluetooth speaker instead."I like the thought and attention to detail that has obviously gone in to the Puma phone," said Ben Wood, an analyst at CCS Insight. The user interface offers a refreshingly clean approach and some nice touches that justify features on the phone, such as the counters that show the charge provided by the phone's solar panel in terms of how many messages have been 'powered by the sun'."Other phone-makers with aging software platforms on their cheaper devices could learn a thing or two from the Puma phone.Users can also download additional applications and widgets from the Puma website, which the sportswear company says will enable it to "aggregate rich media content services in to a single intuitive interface and entertaining mobile user experience".“The Puma Phone is unlike any other mobile phone on the market,” said Jochen Zeitz, chief executive of Puma.On the other side of the cylinder, there's a micro USB port behind a rubber door for charging.The micro USB port doubles as an auxiliary port with an included micro USB-to-3.5mm-and-USB cable.

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It failed our bass test track, The Knife's "Silent Shout," immediately with heavy distortion on both the kick drums and synth. It distorts deep bass, suffers from heavy Bluetooth artifacts, and its micro USB auxiliary input makes using a 3.5mm connection awkward. The Puma Soundchuck Bluetooth speaker (9.99 list) is eye-catching and has a very clever design that lets it put out true stereo sound with two satellites, but its sound quality just isn't that good.The two satellites connect securely to each other through magnetic caps on the ends, and separate to offer stereo sound.The left satellite holds Power and Volume Up/Down buttons that respectively double for answering calls, pairing with Bluetooth, and rejecting calls.An Austrian explorer named Arthur Posnansky performed a study on Puma Punku back in 1926.According to him and his supporters, Puma Punku is considered to be one of the oldest archaeological sites on the face of Earth, dating back to 13,000 BCE.The two speakers are two inches long and 1.5 inches wide, smooth and cylindrical with a colorful rubber coating available in red, orange, pink, blue, or gray.They're connected by an eight-inch rubber-coated cable with a large flat tab in the center holding the Puma logo and a textured, grippy surface.“We want to engage with our community in a way that is consistent with everything Puma stands for.Blending together the influences of sport, lifestyle and fashion, this phone reflects the joy, spontaneity and individuality that the Puma brand is known for.” The device, which goes on sale in April, has been a surprise hit with industry analysts and technology experts at Mobile World Congress, the annual telecoms show.


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