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The 2017-18 NHL season entered its final quarter on Saturday, with 956 of 1,271 games in the books (75.2%).A look at key storylines entering the remaining 315 contests of the regular season.As it turns out I would have been even more excited if I had known what was in store for us.Each day we would meet in a classroom and discuss products before heading to the various ranges for a day of shooting.This allows chamber pressure to drop to safe levels while the breech is locked and the cartridge slightly extracted.Once the bullet leaves the barrel and pressure drops, and the continuing motion of the slide lifts the breech block from its locking recess through a cam arrangement, continuing the operating cycle.When the pistol is in battery, the breech block rests slightly forward of the locking shoulder in the frame.When the cartridge is fired, the bolt and slide move together a short distance rearward powered by the energy of the cartridge as in a standard blowback system.

The pistol turned out to be the new Remington Model 51 pistol in 9MM!

The layout of the Remington 51 is similar to the Walther PPK pistol in the use of a stationary barrel and recoil spring surrounding the barrel.

However, the unique feature is the use of a locking breech block within the slide.

Now that I’ve laid the base for the origin of the new Remington R-51 lets move on to this new pistol.

First let me emphasize that the R-51 is not a rehash of the older pistol.


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