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Row updating event in grid view Cam 2 cam free chat in mobile

Yes, I did put the breakpoint at the Row Updating line (and not in the function).You have to make sure that you aren't setting your Grid View's data when it is not postback.We get the Id value using the row index and another Text Box value is also retrieved.All updated values are passed to the Stored Procedure.

I have tried to override On Row Updated in my custom control, but the breakpoint never gets hit.

We define a connection in the web.config file and give a name to the connection string.

Now we access this connection string on the page so we can open a connection with the relation database. The first one accesses the connection string and the other is for the SQL connection.

Now we define a method for opening a connection with the relation database and returns a SQL connection object depending on the connection string that is passed as a parameter of the Sql Connection class constructor.

Delete a Record We can delete a record from the database table by clicking on the delete button that is in the Delete column of the Grid View.


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