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Russell brand now dating

‘When Amy was alive, I had the sense of “that girl Amy Winehouse who I know and care about [has] got really serious addiction issue. I must do something about it” – but obviously was unable to.’ The documentary has provoked outrage from Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, who has said he has been shown in a bad light, but Russell wonders if the film – which he adds, we’ll never know if it’s actually the truth – is intrusive and goes on to talk about how addiction has been glamourised.‘The story that the film tells is that Amy’s death is doubly tragic because there were certainly antagonistic figures in her life that could’ve done things differently,’ he says. Heroes burning in public that appeals to us.’ Amy shot to international fame when she released her single She had a turbulent relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil who she was married to for two years before separating.A source told The Sun: ‘Russell didn’t want a big fuss this time after his very public relationship with Katy.‘Laura is also keen to keep their romance low-key, so the small, intimate party was very much in keeping with their ‘homebods’ image.Yep, that's the same Jemima Khan who dated Hugh Grant from 2005 to 2007, and married politician Imran Khan in 1995.So back to the present: Brand, 38, and Khan, 39, were snapped going for a stroll in the East Village in New York Sunday (Sept. It is the first time the pair have been photographed publicly together, though it appears the acquaintance is more than casual.

"Katy Perry is an amazing person." Russell, 39, then joked about how he coped with the breakdown of their highly-publicised romance.

Just before she was due to find a potential lover in the punny 'Will You Perry Me? That didn't do much to jog Ellen's memory, though, so Katy had to awkwardly relive the details. "Oh yeah, I forgot about Russell." How could you, Ellen?

In other, sufficiently less awkward, news, Katy Perry has just been confirmed as the revival's first official judge. ABC, the show's new network, announced Perry's new role during its upfronts presentation earlier today (May 16).

‘As they are becoming parents, Russell wanted to do the right thing and make Laura his wife.

She’s delighted he asked.’ The gathering was held at their home in Henley-On-Thames.


  1. Russell Brand I still wish I'd gone to Amy Winehouse's home on the night she died and saved her. Now Magazine; pm - 23/07/15. 0shares. 0shares. On the fourth year anniversary of Amy Winehouse's death, her friend Russell Brand reflects back. 1 / 3. Russell Brand Amy Winehouse. Russell Brand talks about his.

  2. Katy and Russell got married on October 23, 2010 in a ceremony in India. They started dating in September 2009 and got engaged in December that year. Brand filed for divorce on December 30, 2011, citing irreconcilable differences.

  3. Jun 28, 2016. Russell ended his marriage to Katy Perry in 2012 Picture Broadimage/REX/Shutterstock. The pair previously dated from 2007-2009, just prior to his relationship with Katy Perry, who's now dating Orlando Bloom. Reps have been contacted by uk. MORE TOWIE's Ferne McCann says Russell.

  4. May 16, 2017. Ellen DeGeneres might have successfully blocked out Katy Perry's marriage to Russell Brand – which ended in divorce in 2012 – but K-Pez certainly hasn't. Ellen DeGeneres gives Katy Perry a very awkward reminder she married Russell Brand. Katy Perry announces new album & release date.

  5. Aug 28, 2012. Russell Brand now dating Geri Halliwell. BrandHalliwell. 2004. Share with Facebook. We're not even taking the mick. Just when you thought he couldn't get himself someone more annoying than Katy Perry, Russell goes and bags himself the Halliwell. He officially gets off on insecure, overbearing, fame.

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