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Sap infostructure not updating

This document describes how Info-structures can be configured and maintained for the purpose of sales/forecasting in Sales and Distribution.

Some orders have been created to see how the data is updated in the info structure.

App refers to the application(same as in info structure) Determination of the Update Group in Sales Order Header and Item level The update group is determined at sales order header and item level through the settings made for the same.

PATH : IMG-Logistics General-Logistics Information System- Updating-Updating Definition- General Definition using Update Groups Assign Update Group at Header Level The update group is customized for the following combination PFB a combination maintained for ZS610 update group.

Delivery with delivery type ‘NL’ is created For this STO, the supplying plant is NL01.If this condition is satisfied then the details will be updated in the sales order header.The sales order header is updated as per the combination maintained Assign Update Group at Item Level The update group is customized for the following combination PFB a combination maintained for ZS601 update group.Also, the concept of conditions and requirement routines that place restrictions on the infostructure update has been captured.An information structure is a set of data that contains information (as a resultant of an operation) which is subsequently used for reporting and analysis.The periods can be daily, weekly, monthly or any posting period of your choice.Generate Icon needs to be clicked in order to proceed.The value of these conditions build the accrual, their base values will be used to determine the settlement.The rebate conditions master records are maintained inside rebate agreements.Period unit (time reference) – Explained under Step 4(Create Update Rules) Every info structure has a period unit.Depending on the period unit, the key figure values are updated at regular intervals.


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