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But it is done outside the context of an openly romantic relationship.Therefore it really seems like a betrayal of the heart on a deep level. There are tell tale signs, some unique to men or women, but most are common to both.It is not simply a quick and dirty response to an overwhelming hormonal influx.It is essentially all the things two people do to form the bond at a deep level which give meaning to all of the daily chores, responsibilities, relationship compromises, and even the sexual act.Deets: KCMO is upping the ante by injecting smart technologies into the downtown parking experience.The goal is to make parking downtown more user-friendly, so the City is installing single and multi-space parking meters.

But forming emotional attachments with members of the opposite sex to replace those of your mate, that takes patience, planning, motivation, and consistent intent.

For this 90-day demonstration, four different smart-parking technology vendors are installing meters in the River Market, Crossroads Arts District and Central Business District.

Paid parking will be new for the River Market, with the demo meters on 5th Street, 3rd Street, Main Street and Grand Boulevard.

Emotional affairs can go on for years and never cross over into the sexual realm, yet they can be equally or even more devastating to the other partner when they are revealed. Any type of withdrawal mentally or emotionally from some aspect of your life together is usually a good indicator that your mate has either checked out entirely from that part of your relationship due to the frustration of unmet needs or expectations, or she is now receiving that stimulation, satisfaction, or support from somewhere else.

Another red flag is when she spends very little time with girlfriends but seems to have a full array of male friends, one or two of which she seems especially close to.


  1. Aug 1, 2017. WASHINGTON – U. S. Senator Claire McCaskill today helped lead a bipartisan group of colleagues to introduce legislation to ensure justice for victims of sex trafficking and ensure that websites such as Backpage.com, which knowingly facilitate sex trafficking, can be held liable and brought to justice.

  2. The Revised Statutes of Missouri, Chapter 589 Sections 400 to 425 and 43.650, RSMo. mandate that the Missouri State Highway Patrol shall maintain a sex offender database and a web site on the Internet that is accessible to the public. Additional information and verification may be obtained from the Chief Law.

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