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Louise’s appeal lies in this blending of the innocent and the slut; the little minx has proven herself more than capable of upping her image’s raunch ante to her male fans’ satisfaction.

It is a technique that was previously modelled by Janet Jackson; both bitches have perfected the ability to smile invitingly out from their latest provocative pose. Louise invariably looks straight at the viewer; suggesting that she knows exactly what we are doing over her picture.

This transformation from innocent schoolgirl to sexy vixen was deliciously calculating; what man doesn’t want to corrupt a cute little schoolgirl? It is not the public’s eye that Ms Redknapp was keen to woo. From her first day as a solo artist, Louise Nurding has been teasing the male population; posing repeatedly in bikinis and lingerie – always determined to catch our dicks’ attention.

Throughout her career, Louise has made use of these magazines to keep herself in the public’s eye. Every time that she has a new record to promote, Louise poses for a series of cock-teasing spreads; clad in an array of skimpy garments specifically designed to get us wanking. The more she can get us to beat off looking at her fit body, the more records she sells.

While Louise has yet to match Ms Jackson’s explicitness (`I’ll go down / Hold you in my hand / Your smooth and shiny feels so good against my lips’ & `You want to know what my tongue feels like? Yes, Louise Nurding / Redknapp is certainly deserving of my attentions. I love reading her interviews (it’s true – I don’t just wank over her pictures….); especially when she tries to claim a moral high ground.

She even called her first album Naked – could her appeal be any more blatant?

It seems that she can flaunt her body as much as she likes, can wear no end of skimpy little numbers, but, as long as she does not reveal the specifics of her body, she remains a `good-girl’.

Given that she cannot possibly be ignorant with regard to what men do with themselves while they look at her pictures, this distinction seems rather pathetic.

I spent all year trying to be a nice girl, then one day, off my own bat, no one telling me to wear it, it’s all ruined.’ How delightful.

Louise draws a clear distinction between the behaviour of a `good girl’ and the alternative – a wank slut.


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