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Sexchat write up

It became so advantageous that I came up with my own number and marketed it; sometimes very poorly and other times very cleverly. To be really honest, looking back on it I was super uncomfortable as a college freshman. So it certainly made me feel confident in that way too.

I ran a phone sex line from my dorm room in college. I sounded cool at parties and people loved hearing about it.

And we wanted to set it in a world that would really inspire the girls to come out of their shells and change; to really recognize their potential both as individuals and through their friendship which happened to be a world that Katie was familiar with, from her experience in college.

Katie: It so happens that I was a phone sex operator. Not only did I need the money, but I definitely had confidence on the phone and I hadn’t even had sex before.

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Especially with all of the cameos of the guys that call the phone sex line? All the calls were scripted out but obviously with the callers it was super important to make sure that those people, who were such talented comedians and improvisers, to really let them run free because why else would you have them?First off let me tell you that on the week I saw your film, I viewed 9 films and yours was the one that I talked about the most. We wanted to explore that world of female friendship.Like sometimes girls hate each other for no reason but then they can become best friends.Then we sat down at the computer and said “Alright, what are we writing? Lauren and I were at odds at the beginning, so it just felt like starting that story we could see the arc because we knew where we were right then and we were happy. It just seemed why not really heighten that divide and then bring the girls together because we understood that structurally, the romantic comedy format that everyone is used to, where they hate each other, they love each other…oh, no…there back. Lauren: And people will be knocking our door down to be making this movie. There’s that moment where Lauren walks to the door and they both open the door and the audience kind of anticipates that this is going to be the best place for Lauren to live and Ari says “You” and Lauren says “You.” To me it’s like a real moment, but at the same time there is a moment of camp because we see that Justin Long’s character has tricked them because he just wants his friends to be friends.So we knew that and said why not do that with two girls, it just seemed like the odd couple with phone sex. But there is something in that moment that the tone of the film really picks up and gives a sense of fun, camp, color and excitement.All things that I try to work on in my everyday life.Luckily, we weren’t making the documentary on phone sex. If anything, I would get messages from the production company, Focus, “that is sounding a little too sexy, it’s getting a little too sexual,” so I wanted to back away a little bit as to not over titillate.It’s funny, Seth (Rogan) was the only one that was around when we shot our side of the phone calls.So, for example, the very first thing we shot was Ari on the bed with the Kevin Smith call and Kevin was nowhere around.Not all cyber sex addicts have these problems, but if they are present, treatment is essential to recovery. Scott Fitzgerald, Focus Features, For A Good Time, frenemies, friendship, Jamie Travis, Justin Long, Katie Anne Nylon, LA, Lauren Anne Miller, Lockup, Martha Mac Isaac, New York City, phone sex operator, Redial, Seth Rogan NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 21: Lauren Miller and Ari Graynor attend the after party for the "For A Good Time, Call..." premiere at Ajna Bar on August 21, 2012 in New York City.


  1. Nov 3, 2012. Here's another facebook sex chat. I do like this girl so I'm not going to blow it off with a “she wouldn't kiss, what a time waster” type ego trip. Me ok you'll probably need a hat too so we'll get a local taxi to drive us up the hillside to our hotel a little old 1970s Fiat with a coughing engine and sticky plastic.

  2. Recognizing these signs can serve as a wake-up call, letting the user know that it's time to cut back. Warning signs include Losing track of time while online. Using sex sites at work or at school. Missing important activities. Preferring online sex chat to time with real-life friends. Feeling frustrated when other obligations.

  3. Oct 11, 2014. Randomised video sex chat, naked selfies, hook-up sites and old-fashioned pornography mingled in a soup of out-of-control teenage hormones. Sarah had noticed that Josh had seemed less engaged with family life recently, he'd become surly and was falling behind in his schoolwork, but she had put this.

  4. Sep 5, 2008. concede that cybersex without the knowledge of their partner, is cheating because it involves deception; nevertheless, some still maintain it's a type of "OK" cheating. Time spent in that world can help them preserve their actual world, while not giving up on having exciting, even emotional experiences.

  5. Nov 21, 2013. Wondering how you write seductive, persuasive copy about your product or service. Kate Toon. I once worked as a sex chat line operator. Don't. But some writers have trouble warming up the reader, getting the creative juices flowing, and more often than not, they reach the climax too soon. So here are.

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