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She gets to work organizing his inbox, efficiently sorting and deleting his past. Theodore asks for her name and in two tenths of a second she analyzes a baby-name book, and christens herself Samantha.After much pre-production work, however, the project went into developmental limbo, and Jonze continued to work on videos and advertisements while he searched for the perfect debut material.It arrived in 1997 in the form of Being John Malkovich, Charlie Kaufman's dark, surreal comedy about the havoc wreaked when a disaffected puppeteer discovers a portal into the mind of the titular actor.He opted out of college to take a position at one of his favorite magazines, Freestyle, and before long, he was creating his own monthly, Dirt.The nationally distributed publication promptly failed, and Jonze returned to his bread and butter: shooting photo spreads and videos of skaters.

Six hundred and forty-one: that’s the number of other people she’s in love with. Making a movie about voice is an odd, and unexpected, move for Jonze.From his airy workspace, sheltered by red and pink colored screens, he speaks words of love and longing into a tiny microphone, and the scrawl appears before him. Twombly.) At the end of the work day, his phone—a small screen encased in maroon fabric that he carries, eyehole out, in his breast pocket, attached to him by a white, wireless earbud—reads him e-mails and tells him the latest news in a robotic male voice, a less likable Siri. The other thing she gets is Theodore—they click like he hasn’t with anyone, not even with his neuroscientist ex-wife (Rooney Mara). (“I can’t even prioritize between video games and Internet porn,” he marvels.) They talk easily.After a handful of bit parts in such films as The Game and Mi Vida Loca, he was cast as a dim but well-meaning soldier in director David O. Critics noted Jonze's ability to bring depth and warmth to the somewhat stereotypical role of the impudent loose cannon from the backwoods, Private Conrad Vig.1999 was also the year that Jonze married into one of the most venerable filmmaking clans in America, as he exchanged vows with longtime girlfriend and fellow director Sofia Coppola.It was Jonze's skateboarding photography which brought the attention of the rock group Sonic Youth, who enlisted him to contribute skate footage to their "100%" video in 1992.From there, video offers streamed in, and Jonze's distinctive clips for bands such as the Breeders, R. M., and Weezer quickly made him one of the most sought-after video directors in the business.(He’s directed more than fifty music videos in total; his were some of the last to matter.) The best of these are euphoric in their silliness—original, and physical, like the parodic interpretive dance he directed and starred in, with his troupe Torrance, for Fatboy Slim’s “Praise You.” His other mode is plaintive, even maudlin—the kind of thing that features kids and fireworks.Jonze has also worked as an ad man, and he’s made commercials for Adidas and IKEA.(They’ve been separated for a year, but he can’t bring himself to sign the divorce papers.) Then again, Samantha has access to his hard drive, so she already knows everything about him.Soon Theodore is telling people that Samantha is his girlfriend.


  1. Watch video · Despite the fact that the look of his films often takes a back seat to bizarre stories and quirky characters, Spike Jonze has crafted a uniquely whimsical visual

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