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There are many fish in the sea and the options are endless.

For those ladies already in a relationship, you may wonder every once in a while whether you made the right choice by being with your significant other.

What if there were some things you’ve neglected to consider? Women all around the world agree that being in a relationship can bring a lot of delight and excitement into your life.

What if there were some things you’ve neglected to consider? Not all girls can have as much confidence and grace as Marilyn Monroe.

I just loved it."Will - who was in direct competition with Tom to get Mark on his team - then called his audition "phenomenal".

But while the two were battling it out to get him on their teams, Mark eventually ended up choosing the Black Eyed Peas frontman after he joked that he's not "walking away" from him. Mark chose to sing his decision, melodically saying, "I'm choosing Will!

If you can go out late on a Friday night without him hounding you with questions the morning after about where you were, what you did and who you were with, then you know you’ve established a good trust relationship.

At the same time, he doesn’t give you any reason to question who he texts and why he hasn’t called when he said he would.

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Mark flawlessly delivered his version of Craig David's 2000 hit 'I'm Walking Away' for coaches Tom Jones, will.i.am, Jennifer Hudson and Olly Murs, but struggled to tell the musicians his name after Tom and Will both turned their red spinning chairs for him.Whatever excuse or apology he gives you is legitimate.This is a man you should keep around for as long as possible.You never have to worry whether he’ll act weird around particular people, and you know that the man your fell in love with such a long time ago will still be the same man in fifty years.This is a sign that you should never ever let him go.Will then asked how Mark is able to sing so well despite his condition, to which Mark revealed that he uses another part of his brain to sing as well as being able to "latch on" to a rhythm when he's singing, which is why he was able to perform the R&B track so effortlessly.Tom - who belted out an impromptu performance of his own on last week's show - certainly had high praise for the contestant, telling him he sounded "in complete control" of his voice during his blind audition."You didn't put one note wrong."But it wasn't just the coaches who were left seriously impressed with Mark, as Twitter was flooded with fans who heaped praise on the talented singer for his impressive vocals and for sharing his story. to Stutter in his everyday life and then sing without any problem just proves how POWERFUL and Amazing our brain 🧠 is...all around the world agree that being in a relationship can bring a lot of delight and excitement into your life.Source: giphy Some situations can’t be fixed by anyone, not even by your number one man. He doesn’t know what it’s like, and a large percentage of women suffer mood swings and hormonal fluctuations that can be terrifying and confusing.He can’t be expected to know exactly what to say, however he will sit you down, wrap a blanket around you and give you a massage. If he has ever tried surprising you with a song or other romantic gesture, more often than not it has ended up more embarrassing than romantic.


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