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Every month we'll choose three books to read: 1) a classic (that everyone has probably read but us), 2) a "modern" classic or popular book that everyone is talking about, and 3) a bookshelf catch-up in which we choose a book the group has already read to catch-up with other members. If you have, Have you ever wandered what it would be like to be in that world and interact with the original characters? Feel free to create characters, claim characters, and even take characters from other books, mangas, animes, movies, and TV shows and implant them in the roleplay!

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[close] Action packed gripping, exciting and tense thrillers, mysteries, that's what we like reading. Survival is easy as long as luck favours you, without getting caught in the secrets of this enchanted kingdom.Founded in January 2015, this groups was initially designed as a way for me to support indie authors by reading their work and featuring them on my website.Since then it has evolved into a valuable resource and support system for authors who have or would like to self-publish.[close] A book group for all those who love sci-fi and fantasy.We read three books per month, one from each genre, plus a carefully curated moderators special.Some books that fall within this genre contain sensitive and/or controversial topics.We strongly suggest that concerned parents read the book before their child or along with their child, take advantage of book reviews, and research the book through other medias.We will use this as a good place to encourage readers to join in all book discussion and keep up to date with free promo's.[close] Literally Leander is a young adult book club hosted by Leander Public Library." raves about it, even your favorite movies quote it, or it IS your favorite movie but you've never read the book.This group is for those of us for whom one of the following may apply...


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