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If a video would normally autoplay with sound, it'll still appear, but Safari will automatically pause it before the video can start to emit noise.

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You have to go to the Safari menubar menu, click "settings for this website," and then find the "auto-play" drop-down to change it.There are still too many minor differences that, for me at least, make Apple's browser too difficult to use.In particular, the lack of website icons (favicons) on every tab makes it unnecessarily challenging to navigate when you have a lot of tabs open.You can also get the Safari update on earlier versions of mac OS, by updating to Safari 11.I've been browsing the web in Safari for the past couple weeks, and the internet has felt like a somewhat calmer place, thanks to this new feature.Apple's new version of mac OS comes out today, and while almost every upgrade is under the hood and out of sight, there is one really great new feature inside Safari that is definitely worth updating for: in High Sierra, Safari automatically mutes autoplaying videos.The update to High Sierra is free and will be available for all Macs released since 2010, and some Macs introduced in 2009 as well.As much as I'm hesitant to see Google taking the lead on this, I think it's going to take something like Google's plan to have Chrome automatically block all ads on pages with fullscreen pop-ups and other aggressive promotions before I'm not regularly frustrated just by opening up a website. If you're already using Safari, this is a great step forward and a very good reason to update to High Sierra.But if you're not using Safari, I'm not convinced this is enough of an improvement to make changing from your browser of choice worthwhile.The only difference I noticed was on ads served by Amazon: when visiting the same website in Safari and Chrome, the Safari page showed me a bunch of products to buy that were relevant to the page I was on (Blu-rays, because I was on a movie news site), while the ad in Chrome displayed a bunch of products similar to ones I had somewhat recently viewed, including an Echo and an Xbox controller.I suppose I preferred the more anonymous ad (I don't even own an Xbox), but the actual browsing experience wasn't all that different.


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