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Updating multiple blogs at once

Once installed, you need to add the syndication key to your Hub’s wp-config file. define(‘PUSH_SYNDICATION_KEY’, ‘put-your-unqiue-syndication-key-here’); The Push Syndication plugin pushes content to selected Site Groups.

Open the file in your favourite editor and add this line somewhere above the famous /* That’s all, stop editing! How you group your sites depends on your needs but unless you have two sites that are very similar, it is likely that each group will only contain one site.

Setting up a CDN is outside the scope of this article but Sufyan bin Uzayr has everything you need to know about Word Press and CDNs.

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By default, all the network’s images, video, audio and documents are uploaded to and served from the Content Hub which, depending on the number and size of files, may stress your Content Hub’s hosting platform.

There are a number of reasons why you might opt for a Content Hub: With a Content Hub, all your content is managed in a single spot.

Not only does that make it easier to manage your user accounts but publishing content to multiple sites and to your social media sites is a breeze.

If you want to seed the Hub with existing content then you can always import the content from existing sites using Word Press’ Import Tool.

Push syndication is the key plugin that performs the pushing of content to the Spokes.


  1. Jun 5, 2015. Jot down a list, then, among the items, select your priorities you are a multiple blogger, you run over six blogs at once, and your time is precious. Your priorities will be your most popular blogs, then your average blogs, then your low traffic or new blogs. Small, but regular updates. Write small, write often.

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