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Even with tech evolving at an unimaginably fast pace, the main use scenario for the consoles is, strange as it seems, gaming.

The consoles, like PCs and mobile devices before them, are drifting towards profiting from in-game purchases.The key concern here is the use of the console social networks by pedophiles who seek ways to lure teenagers into ‘hooking up’ in real life.The attempts of pedophiles to contact children over the console social networks have been there since day one, especially in the US, the country with the largest Xbox Live / PSN user base.Besides in-game purchases, there are internal online shops where one can buy certain enhancement for the user profile, or new games and add-ons.The simplicity of the purchase is very inviting for the child who wastes his parents’ money without a second thought.We base our judgement on an assumption that parents purchasing a console for kids are, at least, not anti-gaming activists.The main thing we’d like to stress, though, it the age-based game rating.as well as listening to foul language and watch home porn which, unfortunately, has already sneaked into this otherwise harmless service. In this case, a kid might access the shows which are not meant for his/her age.However, speaking of TV, it is much easier to restrict access to undesirable TV channels on the console rather than on the traditional TV set.A console is the gate to a variety of content beyond games.For instance, it’s a means of accessing the Internet, as well as TV and many different services.


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