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First ep trailer Confirmation, as if any were needed, that Lofty's return is just around the corner - the trailer for Holby City S19-E32 Project Aurous is A Fresh Start and features, unsurprisingly, a very familiar face... Tune in to BBC One at 8pm (11pm in Scotland) on Tuesday 16 May for more...TV Mags With Lee's first episode on screen in a week's time, there are interviews in this week's TV mags - check out the May 2017 Press Round-up.Lee will be joining the regular cast of BBC's Casualty playing Lofty, "a likeable and popular nurse with a less-than-ordinary background" and will begin filming at BBC Cymru Wales' Roath Lock Studios later this year, with audiences able to catch him on screen for the first time in early 2014.Regular Role on Casualty The news we'd been waiting to hear since Lee first mentioned his 'big TV role' in post-show chats at The Pheasantry finally broke today.Latest indications, from Lee himself, are that his first episode will air middle to late May. to Holby City After nearly 18 months break during which Lee toured the UK twice - once leading the cast of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and again with his latest album Some Enchanted Evening, news broke today that Lofty was returning from his travels.Not to the ED though, but upstairs to the wards of Holby City.Lofty arrives at Holby City Lee's first episode up on the wards of Holby City will air on Tuesday 16 May (BBC One, 8pm).

However, with acting CEO Serena reluctant to commit, can Roxanna convince Hanssen to return?Writer - Patrick Homes; Director - Baff Akoto One Day at a Time (aired 30 January 2018) The clinical trial is heating up and it's time for Gaskell to live up to his reputation.Meanwhile, Nicky tests Sacha's patience in a bid to prove her abilities, and Frieda has to play tough in order to win Jac's trust.When Ric is admitted to Holby, Serena and Donna treat the injuries he sustained in prison.Meanwhile, Oliver's physiotherapy is cut short when his therapist collapses, triggering his surgical instincts.I confess I'm a little disappointed that there isn't more Lofty evident, but I shall remain optimistic and assume that as a new (to the wards upstairs) character, they are keeping his powder dry and focusing the trailer on the storylines of the characters who are already well known to the viewers..Video interview More footage from What's On TV's exclusive video interview with Lee, held back from the initial broadcast as it relates specifically to the "shock revelation" in tonight's episode - watch it on their WEBSITE.There are lighter moments too, including a kiss for Lofty!Lofty's first episode The news we'd been waiting to hear since Lee first mentioned his 'big TV role' in post-show chats at The Pheasantry finally broke today.Guest Role on Casualty Lee had mentioned filming on a BBC drama in previous interviews but had been unable to say more.Today on Lorraine, he spilled the beans that it was a guest role on Casualty - playing Harry, a teacher in a special-needs school - which would be airing in August.


  1. BBC Holby City and Casualty news and info on all episodes featuring Lee Mead as Nurse Ben 'Lofty' Chiltern.

  2. Apr 26, 2010. Syed's so good looking!. Read more. Show less. Reply 1 2. Fahim89977 years ago. preeya is a indian asian name so shes from that background somewhere. Read more. Show less. Reply 1 2. kellyc6127 years ago. I read they're a couple and have been dating since last year. Lovely together, anyway .

  3. Feb 12, 2018. Tags- Preeya Kalidas Biography and Biodata and Wiki and Profile Details, Preeya Kalidas Height and Weight and Body figure Measurements, Preeya Kalidas and Waist and Hips Sizes, Date Of Birth, Age, Family, Husband, Affairs, Preeya Kalidas Education Qualifications, School, College, Contact.

  4. My Family is a British sitcom created and initially co-written by Fred Barron, which was produced by DLT Entertainment and Rude Boy Productions, and broadcast by BBC.

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