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While this is true in some cases, we would like to provide some resources and advice on how to see if you will still be able to play. This list is not up to date but if you have a card that is newer than the ones listed, it is likely okay. X mac OS 10.13.x *mac OS 10.14.x *(mac OS may not be released by the time these changes go live )* Additional information - We have seen cases where having the in game settings changed to Direct X 9 or Wo W set to launch in 32 bit mode will cause these errors.

Here is a list of requirements and resources to help you find out the state of your computer. You can check on the manufacturer's website to be sure. To check if World of Warcraft in 32-bit mode from the Blizzard App 1) Open the Blizzard App 2) Select World of Warcraft 3) Click Options 4) Select Game Settings on the left 5) Uncheck Launch 32-bit client (Instead of 64-bit) 6) Click Done How to disable Direct X 9 if you can.

Operating System: Windows Users will need to be on the following OS builds, with the 64 bit version installed, and able to support Direct X 11. Mac Users computers will need to support the Metal API. 1) Click Red Question mark in game 2) Go to system 3) Go to Advanced 4) Click Drop down by Graphics API 5) Select Direct X 11 6) Restart the game About half a year ago, we've begun a little experiment to tap into the potential of the playerbase to help itself when it comes to a variety of issues that may not necessarily require contact with Blizzard customer support, such as technical issues or game-related questions.

Windows 7 with Servicepack 1 (SP1) Windows 8.1 Windows 10 (latest version) How to check if you are on a 64 bit OS. A number of volunteers, experienced at Blizzard games and interested in lending a helping hand to fellow players, have signed up over the months, contributing to our efforts in seeing our players' problems resolved.

Read Also: Fix Skyrim Black Screen in Windows 10 For various PC problems, we recommend to use this tool.

This tool will repair common computer errors, protect you from file loss, malware, hardware failure and optimize your PC for maximum performance.

It also allows the client to access more memory and thus store more quickly accessible content if the player's computer has more than 4 GB of RAM (which many do).

This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives.

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If this occurs, users are advised to delete the file again and then the 32-bit update should proceed normally on the next Launcher start. the blue's just haven't gotten around to updating sticky yet, I don't think Tony is in today cause i haven't seen him yet. They messed up the application file name so launcher cannot find it.

After successfully switching to the 32-bit client, everything should be fine. change name from This should restore the launchers ability to find and launch the 64 bit client without needing to bypass launcher and open it directly (never a good thing to bypass launcher unless you know what you're doing, so much better to make sure the launcher can interact with 64 bit app properly) If you are currently testing the 64-bit client, in order to patch up to 4.3.3 you will need to remove the 64-bit files to allow the patching process to complete.


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