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In December 2003 Li Zhi was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment for "inciting subversion".Wang Xiaoning is a Chinese dissident from Shenyang who was arrested by authorities of the People's Republic of China for publishing controversial material online.

group calling for democratic reform and an end to single-party rule. assisted Chinese authorities by providing information. In September 2003, Wang was convicted of charges of "incitement to subvert state power" and sentenced to ten years in prison.

Wang Xiaoning is named as a plaintiff in the Yahoo!

suit, which was filed with help from the World Organization for Human Rights USA. is guilty of 'an act of corporate irresponsibility,' said Morton Sklar, executive director of the group. had reason to know that if they provided China with identification information that those individuals would be arrested." Yahoo! As reported in The Washington Post and many media sources: The suit says that in 2001, Wang was using a Yahoo!

This scheme was lucrative, but proved unpopular both with website marketers (who were reluctant to pay), and the public (who were unhappy about the paid-for listings being indistinguishable from other search results).

As of October 2006, Paid Inclusion ceased to guarantee any commercial listing and only helped the paid inclusion customers, by crawling their site more often and by providing some statistics on the searches that led to the page and some additional smart links (provided by customers as feeds) below the actual url. has also been criticized for funding spyware and adware — advertising from Yahoo!


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