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This content should always be reported to the website/service.Just say no People may use webcam chat to convince you to appear naked on camera or perform sexually suggestive acts.Tell someone If you have been the subject of inappropriate sexual contact or approach by another person via webcam or other forms of online communication then it is vital to tell a trusted adult and to report it to the police via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.It’s also important to consider some of the technical risks and to help prevent these by making sure you think about where you webcam is, what sites and services you use and what steps you can take to protect your webcam.Sharing photos or video taken via a webcam can give away personal information.

If you like You Cam's fun side then you'll appreciate the enhanced HD effects, now more realistic than ever.

And perhaps realizing this, Cyber Link has changed direction with the new You Cam 5, released today: all the old effects are still there (and you get plenty of new ones, too), but the headline additions this time are solid, practical features with rather more obvious benefits.

There's new support for logging in to Windows simply by glancing at your webcam, for instance.

If a site or service has privacy settings, always make use of them to control who can contact you.

Webcam content online Some webcam chat sites allow you to chat to and see strangers online and may put you at risk of seeing pornographic content or adult behaviour on webcam.


  1. YouCams provides a free instant video chat room solution. Grab YouCams code and add it to a website or social network profile.

  2. CyberLink YouCam 7 delivers the functionality of a complete live video studio, to take full advantage of your webcam. It comes with face beautifier tools, over 200 fun effects for video chats and recordings, and a full set of capture tools. Additionally, it offers simple-to-use and efficient security tools, such as surveillance and.

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